the webmaster says: This isn't about safety. Its about raising revenue for the government. Revenue yes! Safety NO! Well maybe at least we can use safety as a pretext!


Chandler cops buckling down on seatbelts

By Patricia Biggs
The Arizona Republic
Nov. 29, 2002

CHANDLER - Drivers who don't buckle up next week will have less money to spend on holiday shopping.

The Chandler Police Department, thanks to a grant from the Governor's Office on Highway Safety, on Saturday is beginning a weeklong seatbelt enforcement effort.

"A seatbelt is one of those things that frequently gets a warning," said Detective Emma Bribiescas, a Chandler police spokeswoman. "In this there will be no warning; they'll be ticketed."

It is the third wave of enforcement the agency has held under the $30,000 grant, Bribiescas said.

"It will be five officers, 10 solid hours, working each day," she said.

The police department is putting in the extra effort to remind drivers that simply by wearing a seatbelt they can improve the odds of survival.

"They've proven that a collision when somebody is not restrained can change the injuries from minor to fatal," Bribiescas said.

The fine for an adult not wearing a seatbelt is $41; for a child not restrained in a child safety seat, the fine is $113.

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